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Between Lima and Cuzco, Peru - vast nothingness

Machu Picchu, Peru - amazing

Machu Picchu, Peru - no words needed just look

Cuzco, Peru - big cathedral in the plaza de mayo

Cuzco, Peru - A badass riot policeman keeping the rally goers in check

Journey to the lost city of the Incas

So so tired… That’s pretty much it.
We have had an overnight bus (which we almost missed) from Kyoto to Tokyo for our flight. Waited at the airport for 10 hours. Flew overnight into Los Angeles where chaz’s family gave us a super warm welcome. We got given a couple of early stocking gifts as well! I really enjoyed our layover time spending it with them and eating a big meal at TGIF’S. Soon after sharing a few stories of the trip so far we had another overnight flight into Lima. So 3 nights of sleeping overnight on transport tired us both out.
We stayed the night in Lima before heading straight to Cuzco on a 20 hour bus. Main reason for the sudden movement is due to our lack of time and we wanted to visit Machu Picchu. We stayed in a small nearby village Aguas Calientes, from here we could hike for an hour up to the lost city of the incas. This place was one of the most anticipated on our trip from when we first planned this trip so I was really anxious to see it. We were soon taken into the site with our guide and the first glimpse you could get of Machu Picchu was the view that people normally see on the postcards. It was awesome. Couldn’t believe Chaz and I were finally there. The guide told us a lot of information about the site and the incas during the time it was abandoned which was interesting (also throwing in a few cheesy jokes). After a couple of hours the tour finished and we could begin our ascent to the top of Waynapicchu which looked clearly steeper than the earlier hike in the morning. It took a few more breaks, to reach the top, as the altitude was so difficult to hike in. The mountains are like 3,000m+ above sea level. Felt absolutely knackered at times but it was all totally worth it by the time we got to the top as you could see 360 degrees around you and down below observe the main site. The weather considerably improved from earlier as there were blue skies at times. We were expecting rain at the start of the trip as it is meant to be the rainiest (I’m not so sure that is a word but you get the gist) part of the year. It was an incredible highlight of the trip. As I am not the bravest when it comes to heights I felt I did pretty damn well for what I had just done. The whole journey to Peru was basically centred around this excursion. It took a lot of travel there and back but it was all worth it. We had another day to check out Cuzco which had some great food and nice parts around town.

Not before long the Peru leg was over and we were flying into Buenos Aires! Peru was great and I wish we could of had more time there and maybe see the big lake Titicaca.

Japan, Kyoto - casual geisha shoes

Japan, Kyoto - forever ongoing shrine

Japan, Kyoto - bamboo forest

Japan, Kyoto - The deadly fugu sushi

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