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Gondoliers, gelato, and gestures of the hands

Nothing too much happened upon arrival to the lagoon/islands of gondolier central. We stayed in another cheaper campsite. Which was good on the wallets but not so good with all the bug bites we would up with. That night we checked out the places wine and they had a 1.5 litre bottle of merlot for €5! Tasted pretty good as well. I ain’t no wine coniseur but it was nice okay, trust me. We ended up talking to some canadian who was heading to Rome next but felt he would want to home if he got offered the chance instead of Rome. Why would somebody do that? Idiot!

Next morning trying to find an ATM seemed impossible round where we were camped. Also it was a bit tiring already with lots of itchy as hell bug bites over both of Chaz and mines body. Eventually we found and headed on over the one street that leads into the islands of Venice passing the gondoliers that were doing the same trip next to us. The buildings and canals of Venice surrounding both of us made us feel that we took a step back in time to renaissance italy with things being intact and not rubble or ruins (however walking around the famous areas seemed like being in a huge queue to a big ride at a theme park). Anyways we wandered the alleyways through the sea of tourists (there are always the twice the amount of tourists compared to locals). Also to note there are the algerian people selling hand bags and Indians selling bouncy balls, masquerade and carnival masks (everywhere). We hit the famous Rialto bridge which has a bunch of little stores on it before discovering the grand San marco square which houses the duomo, doges palace, guard tower and clock tower. We sat on the steps of the grand canal and ate while watching gondolier after gondolier pass us. We then went inside the impressive duomo (which was for free) after walking around briefly we heard this Italian guy in a peculiar way say shhhhh silencio (on more than one occasion). As this was our first spot in Italy we had to get some of the nations famous gelato which was delicious to say. Making our way back to the campsite we went through San marco square which was flooding around the duomo and other spots at least a few inches (not thinking that this was normal). We stopped before catching the bus back and found some more decent merlot (1.5 litre again) for 2.70!! With olives and prosciutto ham and cheese that didn’t taste of anything. Damn you tasteless cheese.

Our last full day in the grand yet sinking city of Venice. We walked the same route past the rialto bridge into the san marco square. However this time we entered the doges palace (palaza ducale) this was basically the home of what would be a mayor in essence but this guy had less power and was just a representative. This was home to as well the largest oil painting (paradisio) in the world by Tintoretto. After this interesting area we checked out a couple of museums that intertwined together. Another gallery if you can find it had this pop art that had funny depictions of superheros and other famous people (I will forward a link or some photos). Chaz and I got some more gelatoand I asked for certain flavour gelato and got ignored and given something completely different (language barriers… They suck). Luckily it tasted nice still. After this dessert we had 2 pizzas trying artichoke hearts and prosciutto (I know I ate the food in the wrong order… Who cares). We capped the end of that night with again more merlot this time a 2 litre bottle costing a stupidly cheap price while consuming it on the canal again then back at the campsite. Goodnight.

A boring end to Venice just a trip to the station to lead to our next stop which isn’t so boring, Florence, home to the renaissance.

I keep on saying this but photos will be posted soon.

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